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Company Overview

The Hinduja Group is a multi-billion dollar, transnational conglomerate. The Group's activities span across three core areas: Investment Banking, International Trading and Global Investments. It also supports charitable and philanthropic activities across the world through the Hinduja Foundation. As part of its Global investments, the Group owns businesses in Automotive, Information Technology, Media, Entertainment & Communications, Banking & Finance, Infrastructure Project Development, Chemicals & Agri business, Energy, Real Estate, Trading and Healthcare.



Guiding Principles

The Hinduja family in conducting its business activities for over 100 years, across Asia, Europe and America, has done so by following the example and inspiration of the Hinduja Group's founder, Shri. Parmanand Deepchand Hinduja, whose credo was

"My duty is to work so that I can give”.

It was from Shri. Parmanand's experiences, instinct and belief in the need to work hard so as to progress in life, both professionally in business and personally as a man with a growing family, that he developed his five guiding principles. These guiding principles are pivotal to how the Group and family conduct themselves in their business and personal lives. They are :

  • Work to give
  • Word is a bond.
  • Act Local, think global.
  • Partnership for growth
  • Advance fearlessly